... [the Obi TENS] was amazing and my number one coping device! I really could not have made it through the 12hrs of labour without it.
— N.K.

What does TENS stand for?
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

How TENS work?
It works by passing mild electrical impulses through the skin, via electrode pads, into the nerve fibres which lie below.

How does TENS provide pain relief?
The TENS pulses help your body produce its own pain killing chemicals, such as endorphins.

It does this in two ways:

  1. The first is to generate electrical impulses of higher frequency to stimulate skin sensory nerve fibres to generate “touch” signals. These “touch” signals when they reach the brain can suppress the pain signals and hence reduce the pain sensation. Pain relief achieved by this mechanism is fast but short-lived.  During a contraction a boost can be of the electrical impulse can be applied and stopped at the end of the contraction.

  2. The other pain relieving mechanism is to use electrical impulses of a lower frequency to stimulate the production of natural pain-relieving chemicals called “Endorphins” in the brain. Pain relief achieved by this mechanism is slow but will last longer.

How Much Pain Relief Will TENS provide me?
The level of pain relief obtained varies from person to person.  Some people find that the TENS provides all the pain relief required during the whole labour.  Everyone is different and some people may find that other analgesics are also needed during the later stages of labour.

When do I Start Using TENS?
Use the TENS as early as possible after the onset of labour.  This is to encourage your body to produce more endorphin’s providing you with more effective pain relief.

How Do I Use the TENS?
At the onset of labour, simply apply the four pads to your back as shown in the image below and switch the TENS machine on. You will feel a pleasant pulsing sensation. This will help to raise the level of your own pain relieving chemicals known as endorphins. When experiencing a contraction, press the booster button for an extra surge of pulsing. When the contraction ends, press the booster button again – it is that simple!  Remove the TENS at anytime you feel is necessary or when your baby is born.

Are There Times to Avoid Using TENS?

  • If you have epilepsy or a cardiac pacemakers.
  • Not to be used before 37 weeks pregnant.
  • Do not use if you are in water. For example the shower or bath.
  • Do not use if you have unexplained pain.
  • Do not place pads over broken, healing or scarred skin.


Health Care Rebates
Many health insurance companies off rebates for the cost of your TENS.

Hire Price
$60 for 4 week hire

Purchase Price